Space-Time Analysis Software

Software for Geostatistics and Space-Time Statistics

SpaceTimeWorks, LLC endorses and further develops selected open source software for space-time analysis. The software packages we use have evolved from the first systematic space-time statistics software that was originally introduced by our collaborators in the early 1990's. Our tools have been in use and development by the research teams of our collaborators throughout a span of more than 15 years.

The packages implement a collection of space-time geostatistical methodologies that include both classical kriging-based techniques, as well as modern ones based on the Bayesian Maximum Entropy theory.

A main software package in our toolset is BMElib. It is a powerful library collection of routines written in Matlab®, and implements techniques from the Bayesian Maximum Entropy (BME) theory for a variety of geostatistics, space-time, and spatial statistics tasks. Among its attractive features, BMElib:

  • implements the best non-linear unbiased predictor
  • processes rigorously observations that can be either single values (hard), or uncertain (soft). BMElib can integrate a variety of soft data, including interval data, and data in many distribution forms.
  • applies techniques for both continuous and categorical variables
  • includes traditional kriging estimators as limiting cases of the BME theory

In addition, our tools also include a series of packages that add flexibility and additional features to those of BMElib. In particular, we use:

  • SEKS-GUI: The Spatiotemporal Epistematics Knowledge Synthesis Graphical User Interface (SEKS-GUI) was initially conceived as an intuitive front-end for the BMElib software package. SEKS-GUI implements many of the BMElib features, and can perform Generalized BME analysis, too.
  • BMEGUI is a different, Python-based GUI implementation for the BMElib library, and has a variety of components for different types of analysis.
  • STAR-BME is a plugin for the Quantum GIS software and performs a variety of analyses based on the BME theory.

SEKS-GUI and BMEGUI can be both used as stand-alone packages. Further on, BMEGUI can be used as a free toolbox extension to ESRI's ArcGIS®, and SEKS-GUI can perform data exchange with the ESRI's Shapefile data format.


Custom-Made Software and Solutions

In addition to the above packages, at SpaceTimeWorks we also develop custom software to provide tailored solutions to your studies. Our approach ensures that we combine proven, leading space-time analysis tools with the appropriate personalized attention to help you get the answers that you need.

Moreover, we provide expertise on a range of space-time and GIS software that includes both commercial and freely available tools. However, these tools on their own typically offer mainstream, limited statistical space-time analysis features. To address the issue, we specialize in providing consulting solutions where we combine the analytical strengths of the aforementioned BME-based packages and the convenience of popular features in other commercial and open source software.

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