Research At SpaceTimeWorks


SpaceTimeWorks specializes in problems with observations that represent samples of a particular attribute. For example, you might have instrument measurements of an air component, disease rates from a survey across an area, ore concentration samples from a mine. In the previous,

  1. each observation refers to a specific set of coordinates that uniquely place the observation at a spatiotemporal location

  2. all observations of the attribute come from the same field in a specific study area, where the attribute has a value everywhere within this area. Then, you can understand better the behavior of the attribute by investigating the field characteristics.

Inherent uncertainty is very common in natural processes; consequently, stochastic approaches are commonly employed in these studies. The related scientific space-time statistics area is known as geostatistics, and this is the main field of research at SpaceTimeWorks.


Our Research Goals

Research at SpaceTimeWorks focuses on investigating a series of topics in spatiotemporal geostatistics in the interest of improving prediction. Improvement embraces the elements of

  1. enabling all sources with related, informative content to contribute to the analysis, so that one does not miss out on crucial input. For example, if the way a process evolves in space-time is governed by a differential equation, then one could gain significant benefit by explicitly accounting for this driving factor.

  2. providing flexibility by adding features to techniques so that one can tackle more complex problems; achieving higher prediction accuracy with smaller prediction error; investigating new ways to produce informative visualizations of space-time prediction.

  3. exploring new aspects of spatiotemporal covariance functions that represent correlations in a mathematical manner. Permissible correlation models that incorporate applicable physical considerations are more suitable for studies than correlation behavior provided by generic permissible models.


How Our Research Serves You

Bringing your tasks to SpaceTimeWorks means that you can tap into our research expertise and currency. The scientific literature contributions of SpaceTimeWorks and its collaborators indicate that we can work for your custom solution at the forefront of research. We can keep you one step ahead with advanced tools and techniques as comfortably as we can employ more traditional solutions, too.

If your business or organization is actively interested in research, working with SpaceTimeWorks can also increase your visibility. Benefit from publicity gains by advertising our joint original work at conferences and events of your interest, in addition to events that SpaceTimeWorks participates.

Finally, in a broader context, SpaceTimeWorks endorses research for the progress of spatiotemporal analysis. We believe that offering you the edge of research discovery is an active way of contributing to these advances. In the longer term, the rewarding returns of scientific progress for the community can translate into a longer-term return for your organization or business.

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